Atlas of Building Access in the Area of the City České Budějovice

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The barrier-free map was made out of the initiative of the Statutory city of České Budějovice and out of need to update the original map from 2004 in a way that it would correspond to reality and at the same time was made using modern technologies and was accessible to everyone. This map should not only serve handicapped people, but also senior citizens, parents with baby carriages and all who move around the city.

The buildings were mapped by handicapped volunteers, who were accompanied by students. Results of the mapping were processed according to the relevant recommended methodology of access mapping, which is focused firstly on needs of the actual users. The first, main pictogram places emphasis on division into accessible, accessible with help and not accessible. A set of pictograms informing you of crucial areas of accessibility will give you additional information. Every person has different possibilities and abilities, and that is why the accessibility is described more closely in the additional text, so that everyone can decide whether a building is accessible for them or how much help they will need to access it.

Accessibility information about the mapped buildings is divided into several chapters, like authorities, medical facilities, public toilets, leisure time and more.

To map and describe accessibility of buildings is very complicated. Buildings often change owners, get reconstructed and sometimes the accessibility depends on the helpfulness of the staff. Although we tried to be as precise and reliable as we could, we are not able to influence the number and extent of changes being made. That is why we would be glad if you pointed out any incorrect or outdated information that you might find. We also welcome any remarks, comments or suggestions of buildings on which we should focus and map.

Many thanks to:
The Prague wheelchair users organization
The company Tonstav - Service
The whole mapping team and the people, who took part in creating this map.


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